Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tuesday 20th March

Today had a lot more people join us. As well as Edith and myself several sixth formers from Lewis School attended the session along with other members of the local community. We began by showing the new volunteers some of the already recorded archaeology, explaining about the ring cairns and the cist graves. Following this we moved out in a long line sweeping the area all the way back towards the car park.  As there were more of us we decided to cover the area behind the Ordinance Survey trig point as well, walking all the way round and finishing back to car park. There were a few interesting features spotted along the way but all of those turned out to be natural.

After lunch however, one of our volunteers who frequently walks this landscape guided us to another stone he’d spied whilst on his walks. This turned out to be a lot more promising! What appear to be three circular cup marks all above a long semi-circular groove carved into the surface of a rock. Another small circular cupmark lay to the left of these markings. All in all, a very fascinating day!
Small cup mark (just visible to the left of the coin)
We are working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week and one day at the weekend that has yet to be arranged.

Natasha Scullion

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