Thursday, 22 March 2012

Friday 16th March

Only three of us again, Ken Janine and me. It was quite clear, but very cold. We got a lot done - all the area to the west of where we were working yesterday, as far west the cup-marked stone that was found in the summer and the westernmost platform house, and then round the north side of Pen Garnbugail as far as the track to Cwm Bargoed. There are more crags here, so we were able to see that most of the stones standing on end were like that because they had broken off the crags and bounced down the hillside until they came to a stop. So the ‘standing stones’ on the hillsides probably all got there naturally and aren’t man-made at all.

We made a proper record of the cup-marked stone, which we hadn’t been able to do in the summer as we had no measuring equipment then. We still haven’t found any more of them though!

Dr Edith Evans

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