Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday 15th March

"Is there any archaeology out there?"
A very good turn-out - there were seven of us: Ken, Clive, Graham, Malcolm, Nicola, Judith and me. The only problem was the fog. It was so thick when we got to the car park at 10 o’clock that we had to wait about three-quarters of an hour for it to lift enough for us start work. While we were waiting we went to look for the big cairn by the road junction that we hadn’t visited on Monday. It took us long enough to find that too. We discussed whether it was really a ring cairn, or whether it was a round cairn that had been badly robbed, perhaps to surface the road at some time, but you can’t tell be looking at the surface.

After that we thought that the fog had thinned sufficiently to go looking for cupmarks, so we searched the little valley to the west of Carn Penbugail, where the ring cairn with the slabs set on edge is located, as we wouldn’t get lost there. Mind you, when we got up to its north end the fog was still thick enough that the two people on the far ends of the line couldn’t see each other. When we had done the return transect, we decided to look on the south side of the road as it was much clearer there. We found three stones set on end, which we thought might be the sort of little standing stone that you sometimes find associated with a group of cairns. 

Dr. Edith Evans

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